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Margaret Clauder Presents: Shows for Public Libraries (summer reading club and more!)

"I hope you know how wonderful it is to work with a professional like you. The Summer Reading Club is a big deal and a lot of work for children's librarians - and performers like you ease the burden. You are a rare blend of artsy, creative, and fun; as well as dependable and organized. Wow, what a combination! I'm going to go now and look at your calendar because last year I missed getting a date for your scarecrow character to visit us here.

See you soon."
-- Doreen, Rockwall County Library

Booking for summer 2022's SRC theme of Oceans of Possibilities? Click here to read all about our new summer show for the theme!

Hear Ms. Hall, the Callison Elementary School librarian, who loved Reading & Rhyming with Mother Goose in March 2009!

Margaret understands the needs of public libraries

You need a performer who arrives on time, with a program that engages the audience, isn't over their heads, and ties in with books. 'Ties in with books' is especially important as computers and electronic pads increase in popularity. Margaret delivers on all of these points. Reliability - she always calls several days in advance to confirm. She always sends a printed invoice with the date and time. Every show is recorded at her on-line calendar. You have 3 times the assurance with Margaret - her call, her invoice, and her calendar which you can check at any time. Margaret really understands your need for reliability.

Every library show features books and stories. The show is closely tied to the narrative of the book. The reason is to fix firmly in the minds of children that books are exciting, adults read, and that reading is directly related to fun, action, and adventure! Books get top billing in Margaret's shows, because she truly believes that reading is fundamental to all that she does.

In addition, Margaret's shows are written at the level of the intended audience. She understands how important it is for the children to receive a message they can understand, and remember. The vocabulary, the concepts, and the presentation are all suitable for the suggested age. Attendance is good and reviews are excellent because she engages the children with interesting magic, storytelling, puppets, and ventriloquism, or other fun activities. Her show has wonderful surprises, such as a baby elephant who sprays water from his trunk, a talking book puppet, water turning magically into snow, or a goose that honks your nose.

Margaret has 22+ years experience as a professional clown, and adds humor to every character. The humor keeps the audience attentive as they search for the next funny moment. You often see children rolling around, laughing hard at the silliness in Margaret's show. She genuinely loves performing and loves children. Margaret's heart touches her audience. Children fall in love with her characters, building an emotional attachment by the end of the show.

Reliability - age appropriate material and presentation - and an emphasis on books. Margaret understands the needs of libraries. Read through the shows listed below, schedule one, and find out for yourself why so many people rave about her programs!

Click here to read the 2014-2015 Arts Partners quality survey.

Please note: All library programs are for indoors ONLY

Reading and Rhyming with the original Mother Goose (Young Audience certified)

YouTube Channel
Photo of Mother Goose with her puppets Goosey and Lamby.   Picture of Mother Goose - a Texas performer - posing with puppets Lambie and Goosie.
Goosey is talking quite energetically, while Lamby adds a comment or two. Mother Goose gives her full attention - just like the kids in the audience. (Click photo for larger image)   Mother Goose has Lamby and Goosey perched on her lap, holding still for this group photo. Celebrities, one and all!
(Click photo for larger image)

This popular character encourages children to read books and enjoy poetry with classic rhymes. She regularly visits schools and libraries all over the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex. She teaches the poetry to the children and has them act out the various rhymes utilizing props. She has a hilarious show with lots of puppets and ventriloquism. Kids love Lamby, Mary, Goosey, Itsy Bitsy, and the other puppets Mother Goose utilizes as she shares the verbal music of language expressed in rhyming.
Age pre-K to grade 3.
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Learning Points

  1. Engage children in rhyming and rhyming games to deepen interest in language.
  2. Instruct children in creating their own rhymes, and encourage this creativity.
  3. With rhyming, develop sensitivity to word patterns.
  4. Excite children to seek books of Mother Goose or other rhymes, and read them.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Picture of Mother Goose introducing Goosey to the children in the audience.   Close up photo of Mother Goose with Goosie and Lambie, puppets from the library show.
Mother Goose with one hand extended, introducing Goosey to the giggling, whispering audience.
(Click photo for larger image.)
  Lamby is listening - with Mother Goose - as Goosey teaches a rhyme to all the kids at the show. Once the audience learns the rhyme, they'll say it together. (Click photo for larger image.)

Reach for the Stars with Astronomer Annie

Astronomer Annie
Astronomer Annie

This astronomy program ties in closely with science TEKS for 2nd - 4th grade and highlights "women in science" from the 1700's. Students will learn the order of the planets, the phases of the moon, and all about the first paid female scientist, Caroline Hershel. The program features unique puppets such as the Sun, Mother Earth, the Moon, and Caroline Hershel. These puppets will help to teach children important science concepts such as such as revolve, orbit, and rotate. A true story, "Caroline's Comets" about the first PAID female astronomer in the world will be told using a beautiful, large puppet. Using her brilliant ventriloquism, Margaret (Astronomer Annie) will bring Caroline's true story to life so that children can appreciate her struggle as a woman in the late 1700's in England as she and her brother William mapped the stars using their own homemade telescopes. This program is not only a wonderful science program, but will also help to encourage girls to pursue science as a career choice!

Children will

  1. Learn the phases of the moon and the difference between waxing and waning. An original mnemonic will help children learn these.
  2. Learn the names and the order of the major planets. A mnemonic will be taught to help learn the order along with an original magic trick to reinforce the learning.
  3. Learn and understand concepts such as rotate, spin, revolve, and orbit.
Astronomer Annie at Rowlett Recreation Center, July 23, 2019 Rowlett Recreation Center, July 23, 2019

"Thank you so much for your wonderful show at the Rowlett Recreation Center on Tuesday, July 23 for the Summer Reading Club, A Universe of Stories! There were 35 kids and 20 adults at the program you did for Rowlett Public Library. I have attached a few photos."

Ready to have Astronomer Annie at your school?
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Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie

Meteorologist Maggie with Cloudia the cumulonimbus cloud

Water and the water cycle is what drives the weather on Earth. In this program children will not only learn in a fun and engaging way how the water cycle works, they will learn about all kinds of weather phenomena including rain, snow, hail, and tornadoes! Water is the only natural substance on earth that can take the form of a liquid, a solid, and a gas. This will all be demonstrated with the help of meteorological magic! Cloudia the cloud puppet will help the children learn about the cumulonimbus cloud with the help of Meteorologist Maggie’s excellent ventriloquism skills. They’ll also see a drawing of Frosty the Snowman come to life and review the states of matter with examples of precipitation.

Learning Points

  1. Children will learn the process of the water cycle.
  2. Terms such as evaporation, condensation, and transpiration will be defined.
  3. Various weather phenomena will be demonstrated including tornadoes.

Why not go ahead and book today?
Check her calendar;
get show pricing;
then send a booking form.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Just wanted to let you know every teacher who attended just loved the show. I myself couldn't stop talking about it. We will definitely be booking again!"

I. Morales
Callejo Elementary

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Click here to watch a short video on Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie

I Detect A Tale with Imma Sleuth!

Margaret, a.k.a. detective "Imma Sleuth", will take junior gumshoes on an adventure trying to find a story in the library that Margaret is supposed to tell to the kids. Books will be lined up on the table with various titles. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code, the junior detectives will figure out which story Imma will finally tell! 3 stories will be utilized in detective school. The first, Ruth the Sleuth, will be told at the beginning of the show. This is a story about a little girl, Ruth, who likes to play detective. She uses her detective skills to solve the case of the missing pizza. This is an original story written by Margaret's son, John, who hopes to publish this story!

The 2nd story used in detective training, Why A Disguise, is a comical classic which advises on why children would want to wear disguises. For example, if you are wearing a disguise, your parents won't recognize you and ask you to take out the trash,or wash the dishes, or play with your little sister! An audience volunteer will be dressed up in a funny outfit with a trench coat, glasses, hat, and beard as Imma tells this tale as part of detective school.

Finally, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code are used to eliminate the "suspect books." One-by-one the Jr. detectives will find their list of suspects has dwindled down to just 3 possible choices. By breaking a secret code the name of the culprit book is revealed: Dogzilla by Dave Pilkey. Imma will then tell this story to the children in the final bit of fun.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; download the study guide; then send a booking form.

Photograph of Imma Sleuth, a children's entertainer for the 2012 Texas library association reading theme.   Pic of Imma Sleuth, a 2012 Texas library association reading promotion entertainer with a trenchcoat and magnifying glass.
Just a plain old teapot; nothing to see here...
or maybe, like evaluating a book, we need a closer look...
(Click for bigger image!)

Elephants - like books - need a closer examination
to show all that they have to share with us!
(Click for bigger image!)

Photo of Senorita Margarita, a character created by Margaret Clauder.
This is an authentic Folklorico dress from the Jalisco region of Mexico. Margaret demonstrates the Mexican Hat dance during the Senorita Margarita show. (Click photo for larger image)

Reading Fiesta with Señorita Margarita

Celebrate Mexico with Señorita Margarita! Great for Cinco de Mayo! She comes in a traditional Mexican dress and sombrero. Her show features Rosita the puppet who tries to learn "La Cucaracha" in a hilarious rendition of the song. Also featured in the show is the Mexican Hat dance and Mariachi Loco, a trumpet playing marionette who will bring the house down when his pants fall off! Great for Cinco de Mayo!
Age 2- up.
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Promote interest, and pride, in Hispanic culture, which plays such an important part in Texas history.
  2. Children will hear words and phrases in Spanish and become familiar with their meanings. They will hear a song in Spanish and will be taught the words to the song and the English translation.
  3. Increase cultural tolerance by highlighting some of the many Hispanic elements in our society.
  4. To encourage children's self-assurance and self-expression by offering a colorful character who is not afraid to be different.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Thumbnail photo of Margaret Clauder dressed in a Jalisco region dress with a decorated sombrero.
Thumbnail picture of Senorita Margarita, holding her dress with one hand, and a gold sombrero with the other.

Señorita Margarita shares the beauty of her Jalisco, Mexico dress, a traditional outfit worn by women of the region for celebrations.. (Click photo for larger picture.)

  Caught in mid-step! This show has puppets, costumes, music, and books to illustrate aspects of Hispanic culture. (Click photo for larger picture.)

Oceans of Fun with Captain Maggie

Margaret as Sailor Maggie from the 2007 summer show Sail Into Books.

Are you ready to THRILL your audience with a show that is fun AND different?  Are you ready for the books to FLY off your shelves?  If so, book Oceans of Fun and set sail into the rich world of books!

Margaret’s Oceans of Fun is a show FILLED with LOTS and LOTS of puppet characters that come to life right before your eyes!  Oceans of Fun features the story, Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, an enchanting story told by Maggie with Elmer the puppet and ventriloquism galore!  Elmer goes on a deep sea adventure children will always remember!  He encounters everything from sharks to submarines, pirates to porpoises, and finally emerges from his adventure in time for Mom to “dry him off” from the adventure in the tub!  Children can sing along to old favorites like Octopus's Garden and Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This is sure to be popular with audiences 3 and up!

Learning points:

  1. Imagination is the key ingredient for a great adventure!
  2. Books provide the fuel that your imagination needs to run.
  3. Children will see 2 different types of puppets used in the show including hand puppets and marionettes.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Photo of the Bookworm character.
The Bookworm shows just how big you can grow if you love reading! This show is tightly tied to books, and even has a talking book puppet. This is an excellent choice for libraries or literacy grant programs.

Let's Read! with THE Bookworm (Young Audience certified)

She devours books, and grows to be a really big bookworm by reading! She brings stories to life for the audience with puppets, magic, or unusual props. Bookworm stories include: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig (a Caldecott award winner), Kat Kong by Dave Pilkey, and Mean Soup by Betsy Everett, a creative way for children to manage anger. All these stories are available in most children's libraries. The Bookworm has a cute book puppet who teaches children to take care of their books, and a magic card trick that shows the most valuable card to have is not an Ace, but a library card!
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Children meet a talking book puppet, Webster the Dictionary, who helps children learn the proper care of books.
  2. Children hear 3 stories come to life as told by a masterful storyteller, THE Bookworm
  3. Children learn that all books have magic. To let the magic out, all you have to do is READ them!
  4. Children will learn that books are free on loan from their public library (as well as their own school).
  5. Children will learn about the Summer Reading Club. They are encouraged to join their local program.

"Thank you so much for letting us participate in Target Tellebration this year. Our guest was Margaret Clauder, the Book Worm. She was awesome. The 351 students that had the privilege of listening and seeing her presentation were fully engaged. They enjoyed her enthusiasm and energy. It was a positive, educational experience."
— Monica Dubiski, Library Media Specialist - LBJ Elementary

Click here for THE Bookworm press release you can use to announce the show!

"As I was looking at your website and saw that you are the Book Worm. I saw your performance when I was teaching at Kennedy Learning Center in Dallas. My students and I absolutely loved your show. It was a fantastic performance[!]"
— Angie Davis

"We had the best time watching your Bookworm show yesterday. Everyone has been praising your show! We can’t wait to see you next year."
— Sheila Carter, Joshua School & Public Library

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Janelle Sanders, former librarian for Roberts Elementary in the Dallas ISD, talks about THE Bookworm!

Julie Moore of the Arlington ISD, talks about THE Bookworm at Razzle Dazzle reading day with 1,000 in attendance!.

Photograph of Margaret Clauder as Masai Maggie, with the elephant puppet Sneezy, squirting her with water.
Masai Maggie with Sneezy the Elephant, a mischievous puppet who squirts her with water from his trunk. Sneezy is such an imp! (Click photo for a better shot of Sneezy squirting water!)

Wild About Reading with Masai Maggie

As a Safari clad storyteller, Margaret performs the popular children's book, Stand Back Said the Elephant I'm Going to Sneeze. Using her brilliant puppetry and ventriloquism skills, this book will come to life as various animal puppets tell the rhyming tale. Margaret wraps up the show with crazy animal magic when Chester the baby Raccoon magically appears, disappears, and reappears in the craziest place imaginable!

Ages 2-10.

You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Excite children about the story by bringing actual text to life with several puppets.
  2. Illustrate with the performance that stories in books are engaging.
  3. Encourage children to explore other books in the library.
  4. Teach the children many interesting facts about a variety of animals from all around the world, including elephants, penguins, kangaroos, and more.

"Dear Margaret,
Thank you for being a part of Kids Fair Safari 2008! We had a great time and enjoyed your performances.
We look forward to seeing you at future events!
Thanks - "
Jennifer and Joan, Post Oak Mall College Station Texas

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Picture of Masai Maggie holding the book Stand Back Said The Elephant I'm Going To Sneeze   Photo of Margaret Clauder as Masai Maggie, posing with Sneezy The Elephant, a puppet in the show.
Masai Maggie loves to read, and here, she is holding and laughing at one of her favorite books! Get closer if you want to read the title on the cover! (Click photo for larger picture.)   Sneezy and Masai Maggie are always friends. Yes, Sneezy can be playful, but at heart, he's a sweet elephant.
(Click photo for a larger picture.)

Kathleen Jackson, librarian for Salizar Elementary School in Dallas, ISD tells the world about Mother Goose!

Let Mariah Smith, librarian at Forest Creek Elementary school, Roundrock ISD offer a view on Mother Goose!

Thumbnail of Margaret Clauder dressed as Bucky the Cowgirl, a character in her library reading show.
Bucky combines a beautiful, friendly looking outfit with character puppets kids and adults will love! (A non-clown makeup version of Bucky is available.)

Wild About the West with Bucky the Cowgirl

What happens when Hound-Dog The Kid takes books from the library without using a library card? That's when Sheriff Kermit, Get-a-long the Dog, and Giddy-up the Pony go on a western adventure to catch the bookish bad guy and bring him to justice! The audience will learn - along with Hound-Dog - that there is a better way to get books, music, and videos from the library. All you need is your parents to get you a library card, and the library is happy to loan these materials! This ties in with western week, features a LOT of books, and promotes library cards with fun, loveable puppets! Margaret features ventriloquism, magic, as well as a beautiful western costume for Bucky!

Ages 3-up.

You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Kids will learn that the library is a valuable resource for all kinds of materials they will enjoy.
  2. A library card is the key to getting books free on loan!
  3. Children will experience puppetry and ventriloquism and see a tall-tale come to life before their eyes.
  4. Children will be encouraged to use their imagination to write their own tall-tales and take western adventures on their own.

Click here for a Bucky the Cowgirl press release you can use to announce the show!

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Thumbnail of Bucky the Cowgirl scolding her horse for kicking her.
Small picture of Margaret Clauder with a frog puppet.
Thumbnail picture of Margaret Clauder dressed as Bucky, balancing a stick horse on her finger.

Sometimes Gitalong acts badly; he has kicked Bucky and left a big pair of hoof prints on her dress!
(Click photo for a larger picture.)

Meet Sheriff Kermit. He stars in teaching Hound Dog libraries loan books, and we all can have a library card. (Click photo for larger picture.) During the program, Bucky balances a horse - on one finger! A useful skill for those odd moments when you really need it. (Click photo for a larger picture.)

Photo of Patchy the Funny Fall Scarecrow.
Poor Patchy - with a head full of straw, it is no wonder that Jimmy the Crow can play so many tricks on her! Fun, friendly, and educational - Patchy is a hit wherever she performs! (Click photo for larger image)

Celebrate the Harvest with Patchy the Funny Fall Scarecrow

(Available November 2 ONLY)

September/October/November. This is a non-scary "clown" scarecrow. She performs fall magic and songs about harvest time. Children will learn and participate in "The seed cycle". They will love "Jimmy the Crow" as he steals the corn. Tie this in with harvest time at your school. Age 2 - up.
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Teach children about the growing cycle from seed to harvested food.
  2. Help children become aware of how essential corn is to a variety of products they encounter every day.
  3. Teach children a fun rhyming song they can sing for their own entertainment, strengthening self-directed amusement tendencies.
  4. Remind children of the importance of farms and farming to our daily lives.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Hooray for the USA with Patriotic Patty

A wonderful educational patriotic show featuring puppets Uncle Sam, Keisha, and Elmer. This show will educate the children on the meaning of many symbols of America including the flag, the Statue of Liberty, and the American eagle. What does it mean when the Texas flag has the white stripe flying on top? Most adults don't even know this! Tie this show in with history books on our country. Feature our nation's history! Available June 1-July 5.
You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Children will learn the significance of the colors red, white, and blue in our nation’s flag. They will also learn the significance of the stars and stripes in an entertaining way, as well about who Betsy Ross was and her significance to our country.
  2. Children will learn and participate in singing several patriotic and historical songs.
  3. Children will learn about several patriotic symbols of American culture such as The Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam, and the origins of these symbols.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Picture of Margaret Clauder dressed as Patriotic Patty, a school show entertainer, ventriloquist, and puppeteer.
Patriotic Patty ends her show with a surprise
appearance by the United States flag!
Photograph of Patriotic Patty with her Uncle Sam puppet.
Patriotic Patty with her American friend Uncle Sam,
one of the funny characters from Hurray for the USA!
Photo of Bernice Bunny.
Margaret was one of the first to develop an open face bunny character.

Bunnies Are Funny! with Bernice Bunny

(Available the month of and the month before Easter ONLY)

Bernice is a cute open face bunny who teaches children interactively to be good helpers by telling the story of "The Little Red Hen" with puppetry and ventriloquism. The show features fun Easter magic which is still relevant to the theme of books and reading. Bernice concludes her show by producing a live bunny that the children will be allowed to pet. You will find that Bernice Bunny is a character - and has a show - which matches well with the Easter season. At MCP, we feel that reading and books are right for any season, all through the year.

This show is for age 3-up.

You may click here for promotional photos for e-mail or print.

Learning Points

  1. Language arts will be reinforced through interactive storytelling.
  2. Children will be encouraged to use their imagination when Bernice concocts a strange “Carrot Stew” for them.
  3. Children will observe positive reinforcement of values through the interactive story The Little Red Hen.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Spring Is in the Air with Mother Nature

Photo of the Mother Nature Character.   Photo of the Mother Nature Character.
Go closer to meet Audrey, a
totally harmless plant. Correct?
  Or perhaps Audrey is named after a
pop-culture, not so harmless plant!

Mother Nature tells 2 stories using audience participation. One story, “A Tree for Me” by Nancy Van Lan, is a repetitive rhyming tale that the children really enjoy participating in. The second, “You Are What You Eat” is an original story by Margaret herself involving a caterpillar named Calvin that is envious of all the butterflies he meets. He wants to grow up to be just like then and is instructed that he must eat the appropriate yellow or red flowers to become either a yellow or red butterfly after he emerges from his chrysalis. Students will learn the difference between nocturnal and diurnal animals with the help of puppet friend Mama Raccoon. They will also learn about an unusual carnivorous plant, the Venus fly trap, through the help of Audrey (puppet) who is on the hunt for hamburgers or tacos. This program is excellent to welcome springtime and encourage learning about metamorphosis to the primary grades.

Learning Points

  1. Learn the definition of the word nocturnal and diurnal.
  2. Students hear 2 stories told by Mother Nature. A Tree for Me by Nancy Van Lan, and You Are What You Eat by Margaret Clauder. Both involve audience participation.
  3. A vegetarian eats only plants.
  4. A Venus fly trap is a meat eating plant.

Ages pre-K through 2nd.

Ages 3-6.

You may click here for promotional photos.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Photo of the Mother Nature Character.   Photo of the Mother Nature Character.
It appears that Mother Nature is
completely at ease with Audrey.
  Think you would be so calm with a
giant Venus fly trap
in your arms?

Photo of Lovey Dovey holding the talking lips puppet.

A puppet which gives the biggest kiss anyone ever got - meet Priscilla Puckerup. She is one of the puppets Margaret uses to share a warm hearted message of love in a show perfect for Valentine's Day, or the whole month of February. (Click photo for larger image)

Love, Love, Love, with Lovey Dovey

(Available January 15 to February 20 ONLY)

January/February - Dressed in a large heart costume, Lovey will entertain children with her puppets singing silly love songs. Children will delight in pretending to be "Cupid" as they magically shoot Lovey's heart with their invisible arrows! Watch the amazing valentine card magic trick too!

Ages 3-up.

You may click here for promotional photos.

Learning Points

  1. With a tangible metaphor, show that love is inexhaustible.
  2. Kindness to others makes a difference.
  3. Reinforce positive, loving behavior in the audience.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Photo of Lovey Dovey with Grouchy the dragon puppet.
Photo of Lovey Dovey holding a pink paper heart, used for a magic trick in her Valentine's Day show.
Lovey Dovey brings a lot of 'heart' to her work. This is another Margaret Clauder costume that reinforces the theme of the show, and delights the audience! (Click photo for larger image)   How do you repair a broken heart? During the show, Lovey Dovey performs a little magic with a torn and restored paper heart.
(Click photo for larger image.)

Photo of Alphie the Elf.
Alphie's show reminds the audience of the values associated with Christmas without turning preachy.
(Click photo for larger image)

Holidays Are Here with Alphie the Elf

(Available end of November to December 23 ONLY)

After Thanksgiving. This show combines holiday magic, toys coming to life, and a picture of Santa Claus magically speaking to the children. The wonder of Christmas will shine through in this beloved program. The show features a magical Christmas stocking which produces funny things. The audience will meet Elmer, the boy who is "gettin' nuttin'" for Christmas. One of the highlights is when the audience meets the little doll - who comes to life as part of the magic of the holidays! All ages.
You may click here for promotional photos.

Learning Points

  1. The essential message of Christmas is about intangible gifts, such as love and generosity.
  2. We are loved for who we are rather than the presents we give at Christmas.
  3. Remember to relax and enjoy the holiday season, resisting the stresses of the season.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Mrs. Claus with her Christmas Bells

Ring In The Holidays with Mrs. Claus

(Available end of November to December 23 ONLY)

Christmas storytelling, puppetry, and magic. The show changes from year to year with new stories and new magic! It is always a highlight of any school, church, or company party though. Her stories include: How Santa Got his Elves, The Boy with Too Many Toys, Olive The Other Reindeer, The Polar Express.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Story of Thanksgiving with Anthropologist Annie

(Available the month of November ONLY)

Photo of Anthropologist Annie holding up 2 books

November only. The story of Thanksgiving beginning with the Pilgrims voyage to the New World. Children will see REAL native artifacts such as an arrow, drum, medicine rattle and more. After the program if time permits they will be allowed to quickly touch an artifact. Music, magic, and storytelling are used to highlight Native American culture. This show is a wonderful way to add some history behind the tradition of Thanksgiving, which began as much more than turkey!

Learning Points

  1. Introduce children to Native American culture, and offer an alternative perspective on Thanksgiving.
  2. To teach children about Squanto, a Native American with a significant role in U.S. history.
  3. To increase cultural sensitivity by helping children become more familiar with people who, at first, seem entirely different.
  4. Share with the audience simple bird calls they can practice after the show.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

Good Shepherd and the Lost Lamb with Margaret the Story Lady

Miss Margaret the Story Lady: Children learn about God's message that all children are special to God as they hear the telling of this old Testament tale with puppets and ventriloquism. Children will also learn several easy Christian songs with actions. Copies of words are available. Especially for Christian based schools. Age 3-6.

Margaret the Story Lady is an ally for Christian schools. Let her help your message with her program.

Why not go ahead and book today? Check her calendar; get show pricing; then send a booking form.

After your MCP show, please take 5 minutes to share your experience with a couple of friends by text or e-mail. They will be glad to know, and you'll be one of their hip friends who always knows the coolest stuff. Thanks!

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