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New for summer 2023!

The 2023 summer reading club theme is "All Together Now". It is a theme referring to diversity and inclusion. When we thought about the theme we immediately thought about how the USA is the most diverse and inclusive country in the world. We've been called "a melting pot". So, we decided to celebrate America for 2023 - our diversity, our heritage, and our pride in our country. Hooray for the USA is a feel good about America program that will have your audience bursting with pride in the good old USA. Children will learn about Ellis island and how millions of immigrants went through there on their way to becoming a US citizen. They'll learn about the Statue of Liberty, her history and about her twin sister who stands on the Seine river in France. Puppets such as Uncle Sam will delight with patriotic songs while children learn the history of our flag from the first flag made by Betsy Ross to our current Old Glory.

Captain Maggie behind her puppet stage

Patriotic Patty with her American friend Uncle Sam, one of the funny characters from Hurray for the USA!

Captain Maggie behind her puppet stage

Patriotic Patty ends her show with a surprise appearance by the United States flag!