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New for summer 2021!

Elephant Tales with Masai Maggie! (For the tails and tales SRC 2021 theme!)

Available live in person, virtual pre-recorded (Vimeo) or virtual live via Zoom.

All children love animals and animal stories. Our popular “Wild About Reading” program has been re-imagined in “Elephant Tales”. Children will laugh as they learn in this brilliant program that appeals to a wide age range from PK – 5th grades. Important concepts such as “what is an endangered animal” and “why do animals become extinct” will be learned in a fun and engaging way. Margaret’s brilliant puppetry and ventriloquism skills will be put to their ultimate test as she manipulates 9 animal puppets while telling the delightful rhyming tale “Stand Back Said the Elephant, I’m Going to Sneeze!” Children (and adults) will learn interesting animal facts such as “Which animal has the most bones in its neck - a giraffe or a mouse? Careful! The answer may astound you!

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