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What does our facility need to provide?

A clean, clear performance area with easy access to the electrical outlet. She arrives ready to set up her program so all tables, chairs, etc. MUST be moved PRIOR to her arrival. Stage lights should be turned on. Margaret provides for all her needs (PA system, microphone). All you will need to provide is electricity and sometimes an armless, rollerless chair (no rocking chairs please).

How long are the programs and how many can Margaret do in a day?

A full-day visit usually consists of four, 45-50 min. programs. You may also opt for additional, SHORTER shows (e.g. five 40-45-min. shows).


Please reserve the performance area for 1 hour BEFORE our show time and a minimum of 30 minutes afterward. We can set up on a stage of an auditorium behind curtains if other things are going on in the seats, but we MUST have total access to where we will be performing in order to set up our show.

Also, please allow NO LESS than a 15 minute window between the end of our performance and the start of the next performance. This point is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

What ages does Margaret work with?

Margaret really shines with K to 4th grades but she frequently works with pre-K and even 5th grade.

How should we divide the groups? Whatís the maximum audience size?

This depends on your venue to some degree. Theaters/Performing Arts Centers often have 500-1000, but for schools, it is recommended that 3rd-5th-grade audiences be limited to 300 or fewer. Primary grades should keep it under 175-200.

A few notes:

It is tempting to have BIGGER groups with the younger students because their bodies are smaller. Unfortunately, this can set them up to lose focus and reduce the potential for learning from the experience.

Try not to combine grades more than 2 years apart at any given show (e.g. donít put pre-K in with 4th grade).

School groups are limited to 300 kids per show unless they have express permission from Margaret. Your students will get much more out of the experience if theyíre in groups of 100-200.

Weíre a school so where should we have the shows?

If your groups can fit in the library thatís usually the best place, even if itís a little crowded. If not, then cafeterias, gyms, performance halls, or extra classrooms work fine, too. Unless the group is over 100-150 kids, Margaret usually prefers to perform on the same level as the kids (i.e., on the floor rather than up on a stage). Larger groups may require a stage to assure that everyone can see.

How much does it cost?

Refer to the pricing page on our website by clicking here:†Pricing Options

How long does it take to set up?

It takes at least 30 minutes for both set-up and strike (take-down) time. If pressed for time we can do it in less time, but please plan on 30 minutes minimum.

Is Margaret right for our group or event?

Performing arts centers, elementary school programs, public libraries, museums, and country clubs are Margaret's forte. Outdoor festivals (especially in the summer) with a lot of other activities happening at once, not so much.