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Virtual Programs

Why will children sit in front of a computer screen for hours playing a video game, but "tune out" when it is lesson time at school while watching the screen? The difference is ENGAGEMENT! Children are deeply engaged when watching that video game. Educational video games are the best because children have fun while they are learning.

At MCP Shows we are taking that same concept and adding to it. Our virtual programs are engaging and entertaining all while teaching the children valuable lessons such as "what is the water cycle and how does it work" or "what is a rhyme and how you can make up your own rhymes?" With the use of brilliant ventriloquism, puppetry, storytelling and sometimes magical special effects, we use the arts to grab childrens attention and engage them in learning.

Your children WILL REMEMBER what they have learned because it is done in a child-friendly, fun, and interesting way. Almost any program in our list of programs can be performed virtually. JUST ASK!

How are OUR virtual programs different from others?

  1. Pre-recorded: By using green or blue screen technology we can provide interesting backdrops and even motion pictures to draw in the young audiences.

    Special effects such as titles, audience reactions, sound effects and more can be added to make this more "Hollywood" and less "recorded in your living room" feel. The children will feel like they are really watching a professional fun video because they ARE! It won't look like something you could have filmed and edited yourself (unless you are already a pro)!

    These videos can be watched any time, any day including evening, weekends or holidays ANYWHERE IN THE ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD! We use Vimeo for good reception and streaming. Private links are provided that may be accessed for up to 5 days. The pre-recorded programs are also less expensive as the live streamed so they can help stretch your budget. For schools, teacher study guides and handouts will be emailed to you.

  2. Live-steaming via Zoom: We can still use the green or blue screen technology with this format but as an added bonus we can interact with children via the chat window. We typically mute children during the presentation or the screen will jump around to highlight whomever is talking. Using the chat function also encourages children to WRITE their thoughts and questions vs. just blurting them out.

    At this time we are limited to 100 connections at a time, but this could mean a classroom can all watch on a large screen in their room (or auditorium) with numerous children while other classrooms are also watching.

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