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Public Library Pricing

Live In-Person

It is easy to budget for Margaret's library shows. A single show is just $325. To find your total cost, check to see which zone you are in, then look at show minimums and travel.

(Note - this pricing is only for public libraries. School and daycare pricing is available. )

Zone 1 No travel fee (Save $25 for referring another local library to book Margaret on the same day. Or, if your public library books 2 back-to-back shows, save $25 on the 2nd show)
Zone 2 Mileage is figured at $0.625 cents per mile ROUND TRIP. To figure your cost input into a Google map search 916 Wayland Drive Arlington, TX If other libraries book close to you, mileage may be shared.
Zone 3 & 4 Mileage plus hotel. Figure hotel cost of $100 plus per diem of $75. If other libraries close to you book, mileage may be shared. We like to set up multi-day tours to save an entire area money!
"Dear Margaret,
Your presentation at the Fairmont Branch of the Pasadena Library was outstanding. You are so talented to throw in a little ventriloquism and magic! I would love to see you again this summer. Would you please check your calendar to see if you can fit us in to your busy schedule? We would have a wide range of ages during the summer, from preschool through upper elementary. Thank you for a maaahhhvelous show!"

Leslie Guhl
Children's Librarian

3 Ways To Save On an MCP Show

1. Apply for a TCA Grant to pay up to 50% of Margaret's fee including travel (where indicate). Just click here for more information.

2. Call or e-mail other libraries within your zone (or on the way to or from your zone). When multiple libraries book Margaret on the same day you ALL can save travel charges!

3. If your library is in a town with a population of less than 12,000, you may qualify for a Tocker grant from the Tocker Foundation. visit here: www.tocker.org - for more information. For summer reading club outreach grants, you must apply NO LATER THAN January 15! Programming: The Tocker Foundation is particularly supportive of programming and welcomes grant requests for support in this area. Literacy Programs, Outreach Programs, Children’s Programs, Learning Labs, etc.

Now Booking Through To 2023 - Call To Reserve Your Date!
Margaret will also book up to 2 years in advance! You can be assured of getting a top level entertainer on the date at the time you request by acting now!

Booking directions
Please find your city on the zone map. The zones are identified below with bands to help you calculate a show, and save money! Once you locate your city, click here for a library request form. Or, you may call Margaret at (817) 980-1760.

Map courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.